The key learning points and opportunities will be:

  • A global update on fraud risk, trends, initiatives and challenges. The impact of new technologies, new types of criminal activity and what we can expect to see.
  • Background briefings around the sector, what different stakeholders in the industry are experiencing, where they are focused and innovations. This covers the banks, processors, support businesses, data analytics, social media, divergent stakeholders and customer perceptions and also the legal and investigatory aspects.
  • Helping to provide a context to fraud prevention strategy and tactics, comparisons with other countries, markets, across channels and products. Taking into account new technology and changes to behaviour.
  • A great opportunity to connect with and discuss issues with key people across the fraud prevention and risk management industry.

This conference will provide access to key financial industry strategists and thinkers who will help to provide key insights into the risks associated with the development of new products and services across the world of banking and payments.

We will hear from practitioners from the financial services industry alongside those who provide key products and services. We will hear from experts in the mobile phone industry as well as those who manage data, develop new products, card schemes, international fraud prevention solution providers, law enforcement and legal services plus many others.

As always, networking is an essential part of the conference and we allow quality time to enable delegates to maximise the value they gain from attending the conference.

The need to focus on fraud management

Over the last decade the banking system has been under strain, the pressure to develop and lend more money with ambitious growth targets and lax controls culminated with the global banking collapse in 2008. Since then the focus around the world has been on creating a more resilient banking structure, building bank capital and implementing stricter credit controls.

In this drive to improve credit controls to protect the system from over zealous business acquisitions and poor investment strategies many of the other core banking disciplines have been pushed into the background and are perhaps in danger of being overlooked.

At their heart, traditionally banks and especially retail banks have been seen as safe and reliable places to deposit funds and as reliable organisations which can be trusted to manage financial matters for the ordinary person, business etc.

The banking collapse and the loss of confidence aligned with the technological innovations which are impacting the world today (including the convergence of mobile phones with computers, internet and the ability to access banks, undertake financial transactions etc.) make the world a more accessible place for people yet throw open massive challenges to those seeking to protect their assets and provide a secure and safe way to manage financial affairs.

This conference draws together expertise and experience across the retail banking industry together with supporting businesses and those engaged in the deployment of new technology. We seek to both ask and answer some of the tough questions affecting the industry. We also seek to help those in the fraud and risk management business to see more clearly where the risks are, what solutions are available to address concerns and how to make the business case.

Join us in London for this conference and get to grips with the strategic challenges which face the financial world today.