DT Conferences, based in London, specialise in running financial services corporate conferences and organising social events. We are committed to responsible management practices that minimise adverse environmental impacts arising from our activities, products and services.

Overall approach

To minimise the impact we have on the environment we will:
• Ensure that we keep up to date and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and prevent pollution.
• Focus on continually improving our environmental performance both at our office site and at the conference venues we hire.
• Promote our environmental commitments to customers and suppliers and encourage them to adopt similar policies.
• Ensure that this policy statement is publically available and that our supporting action plan is available for review if requested.
• Focus on using resources as efficiently as possible and ensure all team members, event and venue staff know they have a part to play in helping to do this.

Reducing our environmental impact

As an events company to follow are the particular areas in which we seek to continually reduce our environmental impact:
• Venue assessment and selection – for every event we will assess potential venues and their approach to environmental issues and impacts. We will work in consultation with both the customer for the event and the venue themselves to determine a plan for minimising environmental impacts.
• Public transport availability – for every event a significant consideration for venue selection is availability of a range of public transport options. We will always encourage delegates and our own team to use public transport.
• Maximise use of electronic communication – we strive to use electronic means for distribution of pre and post conference information as much as possible to reduce printing, postage and the associated wastage. Where prevention of printing is not possible, we will recycle any wastage or reuse if possible.
• Water use – we are committed to completely replacing bottled water with filtered water at events we run and thereby reducing waste to landfill.
• Food waste – we are conscious of minimising food waste at our events. We will work with the venue to plan redistribution of leftover food, or appropriate disposal where redistribution is not possible.
• Impact on others in the area – we seek to be a considerate company when operating our events. We will seek to minimise noise, have an orderly flow of delegates into and out of a venue and assess and reduce other potential impacts on residents or office sites located near our events.
• Training for the team – We ensure that our team, event and venue staff are fully aware of our environmental policy, conscious of how to use resources efficiently, use applicable recycling methods and are encouraged to make suggestions regarding how we can reduce our environmental impact further.


The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of the action plan supporting this policy and to ensuring the commitments made in this policy are being met.

Implementation and Review

In implementing this Policy we will engage with our employees, suppliers and customers to ensure they are aware of our commitments to reduce our environmental impact.

In order to maintain an environmentally conscientious outlook, we review our policy statement annually. The date for the next review of this statement is July 2019.

Daiva Raguckiene Managing Director