Fraud and risk management is at the core of payment acceptance and processing. Whether you’re a merchant, processor, acquirer or issuer or a stakeholder in the transactions, risk decisions are essential to the successful transaction of business.

As the payments landscape becomes ever more complex and valuable, its critical that the basis of transactions is understood and effectively managed if your business is going to succeed. The 2024 Fraud Conference provides an excellent forum to review your fraud and risk approach.

2024 Fraud Conference publication by Omdia.


  • How the payment challenges can be met and optimised by merchants, banks, card issuers / acquirers and transaction processors and other financial institutions. 
  • What you need to know, what you can learn from others and how to stay ahead of the game
  • How fraud and risk managers can utilise some radical ideas to keep ahead of the changes.
  • omni-channel payment acceptance, frictionless and yet secure transactions, innovations in security, risk and fraud management, 
  • compliance with regulations, money laundering and fraud experience, best in class dynamic strategy.
  • Access to valuable insights from an expert speaker panel on fraud risk management and crime prevention
  • Future strategy thinking – where next in innovative products and services and up to the moment perspective on disruptive challenges facing banking and payments
  • Senior and experienced attendees – decision makers and influencers across the industry
  • A well structured agenda, interaction with delegates and speakers, relaxed atmosphere
  • Professionals involved in the payments and banking industry.
  • Leaders in medium to senior roles in fraud prevention, risk management and anti-money laundering officers.
  • Those who work with banks, acquirers, issuers, payment schemes, retailers, intermediaries, independent experts, solution providers and intermediaries. Fraud risk managers