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Fraud Conference 2016


Welcome to the 2016 Fraud Conference

Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th March 2016

Tower Bridge Grange Hotel – London

We are working on the 2016 conference and please contact us if you are interested in Speaking, Sponsoring or attending.

The conference will provide those involved with managing payments with key insights about the key challenges, developments and innovations facing the banking and payments industry and will be of relevance to all in the industry from retailers accepting payments through the processing service companies, telco operators to the risk management specialists, banks and other financial institutions.

Our panel of experienced presenters will address the key topics which confront the consumer payments industry and will help with strategic focus at a time when there are significant changes taking place globally and regionally. These include the increasing use of mobile and internet channels, in the EU the pending Payments Services Directive (2) and in the US the eventual use of chip. 

The conference can be combined with operational risk training which follows on the Thursday after conference.

As ever, we have sought to provide time within the busy schedule for networking and business development. There will be a networking party on the Tuesday evening of the conference and access to speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Please contact us if you are interested in attending the 2016 Fraud Conference. Also by booking early you can take advantage of the early bird discount offer. 

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Fraud Conference.

You can join in the debate now and follow the development of the conference through our LinkedIn site – join the debate today!


Twitter: @FraudConference

LinkedIn: Fraud Conference – banking and cards

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