Banking and payments industry strategies to address risk and prevent fraud.

“Payments innovation, fraud risk management, cybercrime and the challenge of the post-industrial society”

 4th & 5th April 2017

The theme of the 2017 Fraud Conference looks to take stock of where the industry is at this critical time for payments and banking.

The world we live in continues to shrink by virtue of the technological innovations that make it so easy to do so much.

The challenge for those in the payments industry who are part of the continuing FinTech revolution is keeping on top of the risks and protecting the interests and assets of the people they work for, the banks, processing companies and other, but most importantly, the people who transact and the businesses they transact with.

Our conference will look at where we are today and what we might expect to happen over the next few years. What new trends are emerging, what tools and techniques, best practice and new ideas can we learn from to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fraud prevention.

We will be guided through our deliberations by a panel of expert speakers – in previous years this conference has successfully drawn insightful experts with great communications skills who provoke our audiences, helping them with an extensive two days of strategic review.

Ecommerce, mobile and alternative payments are all influencing the rapidly changing payments landscape. Retailers are using multi-channel strategies to engage customers. Payments providers seek to offer easy acceptance and faster processing. Regulators are looking to level the playing field and protect consumers. The payments chain has multiple stakeholders, banks, retailers and merchants, processors, mobile networks, payments schemes and customers.

Understanding this complex world and how to manage transactional risks, processing challenges and protect assets is essential to being able to prevent fraud.

The 2017 conference provides the forum to examine the fraud and risk strategy issues for those in fraud and risk management space. Can you afford not to be there in April 2017 as we look in depth at the challenges facing all stakeholders in the payments value chain?

Bookmark this site and check back with us as we develop the agenda and speaker list for the 2017 Fraud Conference. If you are interested in participating as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or attendee please contact us.


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