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Fraud Conference 2015


” Working Together to beat the Fraud”
Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th March 2015 – Tower Bridge Grange Hotel – London

The two day conference will provide industry highlights about key issues facing the banking and payments industry and will be of relevance to all in the industry from the retailers accepting payments through the processing service companies, telco operators to the risk management specialists, banks and other financial institutions.

For those who wish to develop their knowledge in the areas of operational risk and fraud and risk management we are pleased to be partnering with experts in those fields to offer workshops before and after the conference. Allowing attendees to optimise their time between training with tailored learning with insights into new market trends, products and services and the threats and challenges facing the industry. 

The two day conference can be combined with fraud risk training and / or operational risk training.

The programme is flexible and will include a networking seminar on Tuesday evening to allow all attendees to mix socially and develop their contacts.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Fraud Conference.

You can join in the debate now and follow the development of the conference through our LinkedIn site – join the debate today!


Twitter: @FraudConference

LinkedIn: Fraud Conference – banking and cards

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