Martin is CEO of Ravelin, which provides fraud protection for on-demand businesses. Previously the lead engineer at Hailo, Martin was tasked with solving their sudden and large fraud problem. It was the insight gained about the technologies and approaches required to solve this problem for fast-moving businesses that led to the founding of Ravelin. The rest is a history yet to be written. When not spending times with his two children, he likes to fish.


What you will hear from Martin:

  • Why the speed of business today needs a new approach to solving fraud
  • How new techniques like machine learning, graph networks and AI are brilliant tools but not everything
  • Why human insight and domain expertise remain key to solving fraud on an ongoing basis
  • How matching the right tech with the right insight will transform the cost, speed and accuracy of fraud management in your business.

Ravelin provides fraud detection at the speed of business. For our customers, slowing or interrupting the customer journey for fraud checks is not an option. This, aligned with the rapid growth of food delivery, transport and sharing services means that there are many new opportunities for fraudsters to exploit. Only Ravelin is built from the ground up to manage this reality. Our rich, insightful fraud decisions and network analysis not only stop fraud once, but also surface the information to enable businesses to react, respond and rectify weaknesses in their fraud defences for good.