Gabriel Hopkins – Senior Director, Product Management at FICO – has worked in technology and payments for over 20 years, since the first days of Ecommerce. He is responsible for FICO’s customer engagement and mobile products, developing the Customer Communications Services product (formerly Adeptra), helping banks and large enterprises tackle fraud and customer risks. Prior to FICO, Gabriel was responsible for Product and Marketing for the Ecommerce division of WorldPay, the world’s fourth largest card processor.


What you will hear from Gabriel Hopkins:

  • Review difficult challenges faced by cards issuers and banks as they tackle sophisticated fraud
  • Understand the complex balancing act of customer experience and fraud management
  • Analysis of effective fraud techniques which can respond to emerging attack vectors
  • Assess the opportunities and threats inherent within mobile banking applications and see how innovative analytics can be used to provide an additional security context – identifying fraud and reducing false positives