Steve Bradbury works with GRSC Group as their Head of Fraud and Data Division –

Widely experienced data guru having over 25 year’s tenure across multiple industries and technologies. Highly experienced leader and communicator across all levels. Previously employed as the Chief Data Scientist at Anomaly42 and prior to that 12 years at American Express. Engaged in and leading investigations and analysis across Financial Services, Crime, AML, Corruption, and Terrorism.

Specialising in delivering results and clarity from the chaos of data.

20+ years of experience across Financial companies achieving subject matter expert level across Credit Card, Charge/ Debit Card, Merchant, Banking products, Fraud, Fraud Prevention, Anti Money Laundering, Lending, Internal Fraud Prevention, KYC (Know Your Customer), DAC (Dynamic Authorisation Controls), New Accounts, Credit Scoring, Risk Modelling, Spending Patterns, and Customer Service.

Including creating the first of its kind Customer Crisis Recovery Program and Global AML reporting. Steve is also a Friends against Scams ‘Scambassador’.

What you will hear from Steve:

Making Sense of the Chaos of Data to Combat Fraud.

– Discover – What data do you have.

– Understand – What is the issue.

– Evolve – Data Enrichment to aid your resolution – Open Source, Social.

– Investigate – Find the Unknown Unknowns.

– Resolve – Visualise your results.

The key message here is utilise the power of available data. Steve shares open sources, visualisation technologies, provide real Fraud experience takeaways for corporates and consumers. In addition to this, Steve offers free Fraud Workshops across multiple industries targeted by Fraud sharing my knowledge and expertise.