Steve Bickford has worked at EVRY for more than 10 years. During this time, he has held several positions including Fraud Analyst, Snr. Fraud Analyst and Delivery Manager, and been an important part of a dedicated and innovative expert team.

Bickford is today Business Manager for customers in UK & Ireland. The changing face of fraud creates new challenges and he and his colleagues work constantly to prevent fraud and help their customers and end-users to feel safer in everyday life.


What  you will hear from Steve:

– The extent of fraud is increasing at a higher rate than ever, with the so-called “internet of things” enhancing connectivity and new ways to perpetrate fraud – challenging the payment industry to find new methods to stop the criminals

– At the same time, regulatory demands are disrupting the industry, as banks in one end must increase transparency, while at the same time lower operational and financial risk

– EVRYs approach to these challenges is to combine the best of people and technology, to detect, prevent, and even predict fraud – providing both operational, financial, and reputational protection to the banks

– Providing services to 70+ banks in 9 countries, data mining across the entire customer portfolio, multi-channel monitoring and entity aggregation, representing the next generation of Fraud Prevention managed services

EVRY provides fully managed services to about 25 banks in the UK and Ireland. The services are delivered as a 24/7 business outsource processing, from northern Norway. With high-end quality in all deliveries, EVRY makes it possible for small and mid-size issuers and banks to provide their end customers with the same products, integrity and quality as those of larger banks. This ensures a healthy and diverse UK banking market, which in the end drives development and sustainability.