Ruud GrotensRuud Grotens is a principal consultant and subject matter expert in financial crime. With over twenty years experience working across a range of industry sectors, including financial services and telecommunications, Grotens has both broad and deep expertise in anti-money laundering and fraud prevention solutions. He guides Fiserv clients to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of financial crime risk management operations.

Prior to joining Fiserv, Grotens held product management roles at Compuware Corporation and worked for Atos Origin in a variety of development and consultancy positions. He holds a masters degree in computer science and business informatics from Radboud University, Nijmegen and is based in The Netherlands.

What you will hear from Ruud Grotens:

Emerging Payment Channels, Technologies and Infrastructures: Ensuring a Robust Fraud Defense

The landscape of corporate and retail payments across channels such as mobile and online, and including emerging products such as Apple Pay provide both customer convenience and satisfaction. Yet, these new channels and technologies also create opportunities for fraudsters to exploit. In this session we’ll present lessons learned for creating a robust fraud defense for today and tomorrow. These best practices will help organizations balance customer expectations with the confidence that fraud risk is being controlled effectively and efficiently.

Learning objectives include:

  • Bringing together financial and non-financial account and customer data with data from multiple access devices to gain more insight into customer behavior and fraud patterns
  • Applying best practices in real-time analytics to stay ahead of fraud in emerging payment channels and new technologies
  • Creating competitive differentiation through improving the customer experience while controlling fraud risk