Neil Smith_ Photo

Neil Smith, Regional Head of Issuer Sales and Partnership UK & EMEA

Neil Smith joined Verifi in 2015 as Regional Head of Issuer Sales and Partnerships UK & EMEA. Neil is responsible for overseeing the development and onboarding of new Issuing banks and partnerships to Verifi’s solutions. Prior to joining Verifi Neil served as VP of European Sales and Development at Proxama. He brings 23 years of experience and expertise in the payments industry including, but not limited to, chip & pin, PCI DSS and loyalty management. A specialist in fraud, risk and compliance, Neil has held senior positions with Fidelity National Information Services, Visa and First Data Corporation. Additionally, he was member of a number of key business consultancy firms including the Business Performance Consultancy Group and International Investor.

What you will hear from Neil:

  • The costs of Chargebacks and how to minimise chargebacks in the system
  • Provide a cost effective balanced eco system in the Chargebacks world
  • Resolve Disputes real-time before they become a chargeback
  • Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network and Order Insight the innovations of 2017 to resolve and deflect chargebacks upfront before they affect Issuers and Merchants.