Martin WarwickMartin Warwick joined FICO as a principal consultant with specific responsibilities in Fraud Consulting in September 2007.  Martin previously headed up Card Fraud at Barclaycard with responsibility for over 20 million plastic cards. He led a team of over 400 people in the fight against plastic card fraud.

He has over 28 years of plastic card experience with Barclaycard in various roles and responsibilities including fraud, work study, operations and projects.  Martin participated in many industry groups over the years that focused on the reduction of fraud and the effects it has on bank customers.

Martin regularly speaks in the UK and Europe on various topics around fraud detection and prevention, as well as helping Financial Institutions across EMEA in their fight against fraud.

What you will hear from Martin’s presentation:

As the incidence of fraud continues to grow across the Industry, how well are you placed in having a Holistic approach that still has the customer at the centre of everything you do?

How can you use what you know about your customer to beat fraudsters?

Join me as we explore:

  • The growth in incidence of fraud
  • Customer Centricity for fraud avoidance
  • Using what you know about your customer’s behaviour to beat the fraudsters