Kerry 2009

CEO of Abatis: an innovative, multi award-winning cyber security company.

Over 30 years’ experience in the security industry.

Author of numerous articles for security and IT publications

Interviewed on TV and radio and presenter at various conferences and symposia.

Formerly Director of KPMG’s public sector security practice and MD of KPMG IT Advisory.

Founder of Echelon Consulting 1993 – sold to multi-national 2006.

Abatis is a Patented, Award-Winning, Innovative technology which provides proven and unprecedented defence against malware in a uniquely different way.

As a Host Integrity Technology rather than ‘Anti-Virus’, it is:

‘effective at stopping all attempts to write malware to the permanent storage of the devices, regardless of system privilege’

(Quote from Lockheed Martin evaluation report)

  • Tiny code size – less than 100 kilobytes
  • Stops all persistent malware, including Zero Day, Rootkit, Ransomware
  • Requires no Signature/Whitelist updates
  • Extends life of legacy operating systems such as Windows NT, XP, Server2003
  • Protects SCADA/ICS/Medically-Certified/Safety-Critical/CNI
  • Reduces energy costs by 7% (approx. US$60 per server per annum, and servers run 8⁰C cooler)
  • Currently in NCSC evaluation (formerly CESG)

Kerry will be presenting the following:

“Cyber War Needs New Weapons – How to take a Gun to a Knife fight!” – and will be an examination of the evolution of threats and countermeasures through the ages and how this applies to the Cyber Age, and will look specifically at the way threats have changed the risks that people run and how they have altered their defensive posture to maintain an acceptable risk profile.  It will explore the effectiveness of the current crop of anti-malware tools available and the latest approach offered by companies like Abatis, which achieves very high levels of success at stopping malware infection without affecting system performance.  The intention of this presentation is to educate rather than pitch.

Abatis software competition, to enter download, complete and return the attached entry form here.