Eunice Johnson-Idan has over 8 years’ experience working in financial services, with particular expertise in regulation, payments and payments software and KYC. She is presently a Fraud Consultant for Cifas, responsible for raising the organisations profile within existing and new sectors; developing and diversifying the Cifas member base; and promoting greater data collaboration in fraud prevention.

Topic for discussion:
· Fraud: the Good, the Bad, and the Internet
· The rise and rise of identity crime
· The power of data sharing in the fraud offensive
· Finding allies – why you should look beyond your own borders

Cifas is a not-for-profit company working to protect businesses, charities, public bodies and individuals from financial crime. We have more than 25 years’ experience in fraud prevention and financial crime, working with a range of UK organisations to protect their customers and the public.

We do this by harnessing technology, sharing data and working in partnership. We provide the most comprehensive databases of confirmed fraud in the UK to over 370 organisations from across the sectors, enabling them to share confirmed fraud cases and cooperate to combat fraud. Sharing this data on confirmed fraud and fraud risks helps the UK to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and to break down industry silos –we work across the private, public and third sectors and law enforcement to unify and strengthen their fraud prevention work.