David worked in digital marketing, SEO and communications since 2004. Notably he worked for Google at their EMEA HQ advising companies from SME to multi-national. He ran Online Communications for former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg prior to and through the 2010 election. Since then he’s co-founded and run Wordsmith Digital, Social Placement and is Associate Director of Brand Response.

What you will hear from David:

Impact of social media on financial transactions and risk management – what should we expect in the next few years and what will be the impact of change?

Approximate outline:

The Finance Social Media Sector

* What is it?

* What is it’s size?

Predictive Analysis

* Market volatility at macro level (epidemiology / sentiment)

* Changing economic demographics

* Risk in individuals


* Social Media in the analysis of market and identification of products

* Marketing products

* Consideration – the importance of peer-verification

The Future of Social Media in the Finance Sector