Chris LomaxChris Lomax, Senior Director, EMEA Solution Management, has worked in payments for 25 years. In addition to product management and marketing, Chris’s experience includes being a subject matter expert on payment fraud and payment innovation to the banking and retail sectors, working on the vendor side of the industry, and managing a leading retailer’s payment security architecture.

The presentation will discuss:

  • The effect of payment innovations on consumer behaviour and its impact on fraud management
  • How effective fraud management can help protect and grow business through minimising fraud losses and operational costs whilst maximising the acceptance of orders
  • The fraud risk associated with the mobile channel and how to manage a cross channel fraud strategy
  • Rules-Based Payer Authentication and how this can be used to control a customer’s authentication experience and continue to provide benefits such as liability shift
  • New technologies that can provide instant ‘what if’ analysis so the impact of any change to a fraud strategy can be understood immediately

CyberSource offers a global fraud management solution that enables digital commerce orders to be screened for fraud and provides 200x the global fraud pattern visibility seen by the average top-100 merchant. Risk insights draw on data from the 68 billion transactions processed annually by Visa Inc. and CyberSource, helping businesses detect fraud more quickly and accurately and accept more genuine orders.