DT Fraud Conference 2018

“How to be best in class in fighting financial crime

Tuesday 10th April 2018


8:30 Registrations – Tea and Coffee
9:00 Welcome and introduction – Joint Conference Chairman – Jon Williams Strategy Director MK2
9:15 Speaker 1. –  Alastair Sheen HSBC – Fraud trends and business / markets update. Analysis and predictions of what next for your fraud and risk management team.
10:00 Speaker 2. – Peter Bayley VISA  Strategic review of the market, key trends and challenges “Protecting and growing your business through tackling financial crime” Global perspectives on the fight against card and payment fraud.
10:40 Speaker 3. – Luca Primerano Fortytwo Data – KYC and AML challenges. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of screening customers and transaction data against entities and in sanction lists or PEP lists. Tackling the challenge of false positives and false negatives that require manual review. A risk approach to managing sanction policy.
11:20 Tea / coffee break
11:40 Speaker 4. – Steve Bradbury – GRSC Group Managing Fraud to Grow and Protect Your Business. New business and screening applications for businesses and consumers, both AML and Fraud. Using big data to improve risk decisions.
12:20 Speaker 5. – Charles Brookson OBEChair of ETSI TC CYBER – The latest Cybersecurity Standards and their impact on business, banking and payments. A quick overview: European and Global activities, New NIS Standard from ETSI TC CYBER, Further activity on GDPR and Cybersecurity Directive Standards, Impact of Quantum computers on Cryptography
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Panel Discussion 6. Chair Paul Rodgers – Vendorcom (member of PSR panel)
– with a Panel of experts (Scott McInnes – Bird & Bird and Brian Kinch )to
discuss where we are with the various regulatory changes PSD2 SCA,
Reporting, Compliance, 3D Secure 2.0 , Biometrics – solutions, opportunities
/ challenges – making the most from necessity and what next?
15:45 Coffee / tea break
16:05 Speaker 7. – Peter Carter QC (Barrister) Criminal and civil law update, recent cases and legal remedies, tackling international crime, data protection etc.
16:45 Speaker 8. – Steve Cook –  Biometrics and Fintech Consultant / Subject Matter Expert – Tackling the challenges of innovation in transactions, IOT, regulatory changes and making fraud detection, investigating and prevention cost effective for different sized banks, card companies.
17:30 Conclusions from day 1 – Chairman
17:45 to 20:00 Networking Party in conjunction with Vendorcom – drinks and canapé event including presentation – speaker 9 Hakim Mendjeli of 4by90 Consulting on Open Banking

Wednesday 11th April 2018

8:30 Registrations – Tea and Coffee
9:00 Welcome – Joint Conference Chairman – Alastair Sheen HSBC
9:15 Speaker 10 – Jonathan Hancock – TSYS – Keynote overview from the perspective of TSYS’s unrivalled insights of VISA, MasterCard and American Express transactions and fraud trends. Impacts of market pressures affecting fraud across the UK, Europe and Globally. Increases in consumer adoption of connected devices, changing consumer expectations and relentless evolution of technology present new risks. Changing regulation also presents new opportunities as well as threats. How banks and payments businesses should best respond to meet the challenges.
10:00 Speaker 11 – Brian Kinch – Expert Risk Consultant – Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are huge influences in our evolving society, especially in the areas of fraud prevention and detection. But, not all AI/ML is what it seems and some is a long way from representing the latest /best innovations in fraud prevention or risk management. Brian will cover the need to beware of the ‘artificially intelligent’ and to recognise that cognitive automation generally applies a sharper lens and not a definitive outcome. As not all outcomes are equal, there can be significant impacts of incorrect decisioning or sub-optimal customer treatment. Hear how to navigate a surefooted path through the complexity.
10:40 Speaker 12. – Keith Groves – MasterCard – Fraud prevention initiatives and business strategy. What can be done to get best value from the increasing volume transactions both on and off line and how to manage risks better. New technology, product innovation, international transactions and other business challenges
11:30 Tea / coffee break
11:50 Speaker 13 – Paul Emerton – Entrepreneur Insights and ideas re the business case for Blockchain and a review of experience with Bitcoin. Managing risk and what applications and where next with disruptive security.
12:40 Lunch
13:50 Speaker 14 – Mark Sullivan – Interac (Canada) Head Client and Fraud Market Management Overview of Canadian market, Underground economy – credentials and cash out, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre public/private partnership and Fraud trends in a post EMV environment
Speaker 15 – Andrew Churchill Technology Strategy Technical update on new products and services and the impact on fraud and risk management – what do you need to know! Impact of PSD2, GDPR and other regulations. What should you worry about?
15:10 Speaker 16 – Jon Williams – MK2 Consulting “Everything Old is New Again” How the old frauds are making a come-back. Strategic perspectives on the age-old problems.
 15:55  Tea / Coffee Break

 16:15                   Conclusions and prize draw – Chairman

——                    Conference closes

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Potential speakers, sponsors and exhibitors should contact the organisers for more information. Details are subject to revision at this stage but will be updated regularly and available here.