Trevor Bedeman

Trevor is a Partner in London-Risk, providing financial risk training and consultancy.  Clients include Bupa, Home Office, Experian, Rio Tinto, and he is taking critical roles in the development of a number of major national and global fraud risk databases. He wrote and negotiated the Principles of Reciprocity, the rules for UK credit data sharing, which now has over 400 participating companies, and founded the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

What you will hear from Trevor:

    • What is the structure for risk management within banks globally
    • Where does fraud fit.
    • What is operational risk.
    • What is the advantage of a risk management approach to fraud.
    • How do concepts such as strategic, reputational and extreme risk fit with fraud management.
    • Risk distributions, risk reporting, Key Risk Indicators, risk appetite, risk controls.
    • What are the key trends for the future, how do they differ from the past.