Brian Kinch


Brian is an internationally recognised business leader, consultant, advisor and risk professional, with over 30 years of business experience, predominately discharging roles in the domestic and international financial services profession but with additional consulting expertise in other sectors including insurance and telecommunications, and across sectors in a risk, cyber, authentication, continuity and resilience context. He co-founded Knight360, a boutique consulting business, in 2011 and he is now a dedicated Security Advisor and Risk Practitioner for the firm.


What you will hear from Brian:

· AI and Machine Learning are considered some of the greatest influencers to an evolving society

· There is much to commend in the better identification and management of otherwise obscured connections

· Scale and speed of automation, though, can be dichotomous to managing individuals and individual situations

· The law of unintended consequences

· Publish….. and be damned!?

· Learn the value and importance in selectivity and customer centricity